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Since 1960, Pakistan has been actively involved in most of the UN Peacekeeping missions and today is the country with the most troops serving for UN peacekeeping missions- Sinewave’s Senior Film Director Mr. Zohaib pervaiz is currently shooting the documentary in Congo Filming the peacekeeping activates – For UN

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We are a specialist video content agency and are experts in advertising and production. Our more than competent staff is fully qualified and equipped with latest gears and technology. This gives us the ability to produce clever content which competes with rivals on all levels,  be it editorial, entertainment or even TV, we produce contents which people will love spending time with, hence that love transfers to your brand.


Connecting People to Brands and Brands to Celebs across the world

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Music is alive, it’s a living, breathing organism you can feel. It can fill the room a room with romance just as easily as it can slap you out of a funk. It brings back the past and makes us hopeful for the future.

Music does so much more than entertain us, it inspires, it comforts, it heals us. Music is alive and we’re ready to Uncover more music ~ are you?

SineWave's Leadership

Farid Jillani

Creative Direc‍‍‍tor- Managing Partner

Imran MI7

Founder-CEO & Music Producer

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After having approach a couple of other video production companies and getting nowhere, speaking to Fareed at Sinewave Pictures was a relief. He understood our concise and what we were attempting to achieve. Fareed listened and provided useful criticism to myself and my team who are absolute novices in video production. Fareed and his team are 1st class. We will positively be using Sinewave Pictures again.”

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Sinewave is accountable for the tactical decisions made on behalf of each of our clients. As agents of their accounts, they are the client’s most direct point of contact and are responsible for making sure our clients’ needs are met, both from a management and media perspective. our Teams is also the key contacts between sinewave pictures and our Creative and Advertising Agency partners.  When appropriate they fully participate in those areas of strategic development that are shared between the organizations, particularly consumer analysis, audience targeting and messaging strategy.

Digital Display Advertising can be used for building your brand online or as an acquisition channel. It allows reach and frequency to be built very quickly at a low cost. With the improvements in broadband speeds, technology and innovation, display advertising offers high reach, high impact and unrivalled targeting, making it a viable alternative to other brand channels

Up coming Projects

Sinewave pictures first Television drama series project "Urdu Language " IT WILL BE A COMBO DOSE for the viewer across the border by watching a drama written by the most literate, talented and respected writer of Pakistan Drama industry.MR. KHALEEL UR RAHAMAN QAMAR.


Coming up with a documentary series, airing on National geo graphic about the most endangered wild life species of Pakistan, and more exploring the incredible Pakistan

After the huge success of " Leading vector of India season one, This year sinewave pictures present "The Leading vector of India " Season II- presenting the most influencing Indian  business tycoon- First episode with Mr. Raza Baig- CEO Splash & Landmark Group  

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Video Production Dubai
Video Production Dubai




We Believe in content that is compelling enough to HOLD you, smart enough to Talk to you and BRAVE enough to let you talk back

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